Buying Guide for Gymnastics Mat

Gymnastics is a pretty competitive sport; athletes in this field push their bodies to the limits through hours of vigorous training inside the gym every day. This is not a simple sport, if you want to succeed in this field you should discipline, perseverance and proper training.

Proper training means safe training. Yes you should always push yourself to the limit to improve your skills, but you should do it properly by doing the routines the right way and at the right place to avoid injury.One of the best things you can put to your gym to avoid serious injury is to put good floor mat. These mats secure your gymnasts whenever they work out. If you want to purchase one for your gym, you better know what qualities of mat you need to find to provide your gym and athletes the best protection.

Gymnastics is a sport that usually does a lot of tumbling and flipping, thus you will need to have a mat that can absorb impact. High impact foam will be perfect for you, it has a good smooth surface with bacteria, mildew and water resistance. The thickness of this mat is usually at 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches.

A tumbling mat is different from aerobic mat. An aerobic floor mat is usually sold by size and thickness. There is a small size of this that is usually about 24 by 24 inches and a larger size which is 24 by 72 inch with 1 to 2 inch thick.

For training and landing events you can opt for landing mats. This mat is a lot thicker than the first two types mentioned above, this is very important for additional protection. It is commonly 8 to 16 inches thick.

If you want to work out in your home you can choose personal exercise mats. This however has thinner foam, usually less than an inch. This is sold in various sizes, some are narrow and long. If you purchase this, it would be better if you measure the area in your house where you want to put it before actually buy this.